Elite Networking Formula

~ from dialogue to rapport ~

Complete Lesson Plan

Welcome Watch First

No intro, (of course welcome) straight into the lessons! 

  • (L1) How To Navigate The Portal

How to: get around the class, lessons  & modules, return to where you left of, select which lesson & when you need it

  • (L2) Critical How We Learn, Experience & Behave

Customers are now Consumers, so how do they, we, all “consume, learn & absorb” information



Module 1: Towers of Expertise

In today's "who's behind the brand" of business, what are the origins of your expertise?

Let's DEFINE this playground!

  • (L3) Identifying Your Towers Of Expertise

Your expertise is not what you do! It's beyond the why also.

  • (L4) When 2 People Meet - I Never Knew

What happens? Understanding the psychology creates an engaging presence in you


Module 2: Creating Agreement 

Storytelling, expressing what's behind your brand, begins with agreement.

  • (L5) Chunking Up - Agreement Framework

Notice how highly effective and successful people are agreeable? Here's how.

  • (L6) The 5 Levels Of Communication 

Emotions to Buy, Logic to Sell, but how has Social media created a 3rd element; Assurance to Engage?


Module 3: All About S.A.M.

Meeting, greeting, networking with people. How do you become simply likable, relatable?

  • (L7) Your Story - Audience - Method

This 3-step model provides a matrix of story-audience-method in all you meet, all your create

  • (L8) Bonus - Sneak Peek At The ASSURE Model

The 6-step process to creating engaging and relatable stories that are "simply just you"


Module 4: Use Them Phrases

No one wants to be sold to -- everyone now seeks social opinions before they buy.

  • (L9) Create Dialogue With Them Phrases

What do people say about you, "them phrases"? If you don't provide them, we all now search social for them.

  • (L10) Elite 5-Step Networking Process

Using the psychology of what happens when people meet to convert opening dialogue to instant rapport.


Module 5: Dialogue to Rapport Process

Introducing the step-by-step process for creating an empathetic, engaging, emotive and authentic first impression

  • (L11) The Dialogue To Rapport

Running through the step-by-step process. 

  • (L12) Bonus Sneak Peek Of S.I.G.H.T.

Story-Illustrate-Glimpse-Hope-Tactic...the 5 steps to powerful, impactful and impressive "next steps"



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