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The De Sede Distinction Academy

Behavioural Marketing Mastery

Step-by-Step Videos

Step-by-Step Videos

Elite performance is a commitment to systems & routines, step-by-step

Podcasts + Guides

Podcasts + Guides

200+ video lessons with audio & guide sheet to learn then execute.

Behavioural Marketing

Behavioural Marketing

Sharing information & opinions to engage today's mobile consumers.

Proceed without Risk

Proceed without Risk

Only any program or Membership, my commitment & guarantee to you.

A Beacon of World Class Teaching

“Spend an hour with your business with this guy. It's like Tony Robbins on steroids.”

~ Cindy Marr, Sales Professional

“Stephen is like a beacon. He draws you near, then shines light on talents and abilities you have neglected or forgotten about.”

~ Theo Sartzidis - Architectural Builder

“The training inside the De Sede Academy is world-class , comprehensive and life changing.”

~ Wouter Looten - Film Maker (Europe)

Academy Class Preview:


A.S.S.U.R.E. them you can. How?

Six (6) powerful keys you already have!

Use them NOW!





Understand how we learn!

Understand how we speak!

Be an Influencer & Leader - Simple!

High Performers = Elite Communicators.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: For the De Sede Academy, is there a membership contract?

A: No contract. Pay as you go. Stop paying if you go.


Q: Is there a guarantee for all products, academy membership, & individual courses I buy?

A: Yes, a 30-day guarantee applies for ALL products and memberships you purchase.


Q: What if I just want to buy one of the courses in Behavioural Marketing Course? 

A: Two options: sign up and use the entire academy on the monthly pay as you go, or simply buy any course as a one of payment and it is yours to keep.


Q: Can I view the course on my smartphone?

A: Yes. All the courses are optimised to display on any device, making them available anywhere anytime.


Q: Are they just video lessons?

A: Yes, but much more. As well as the video for each lesson, there is also a podcast, a transcript PLUS each lesson has a guide sheet or workbook with it.


Q: With so many lessons available, once I become a De Sede Global Community member, where will I know where to start?

A: Easy, you can message me inside the comments section of any of the course. Give an overview of what area you are wanting to “high perform” at and I will respond with a recommendation of what and where to go; view-learn-execute.


Q: Do you also do 1-2-1 sessions?

Two answers for you.

ONE: Yes, I do. Join the community first, take some of the lessons, and get a feel for how I teach high performance. Also, see the blog for De Sede Street Sessions & De Sede Horizons. From there we can work 1-2-1, wherever you are in the world. 

TWO: Check out my Services Page for the list of services (from 1-2-1 sessions to Horizons Intensive sessions). All the details are on the Services.

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