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Consumer Education Marketing


Module 1: The Content

For Stephen, "content is no longer the queen or king" -- consumer behaviour toward content now reigns!

  • S.I.G.H.T. to Draw Formula
  • S.I.G.H.T. to Draw Formula: Takeaway
  • Introduction to Elite Content Development
  • Content Development - The Opening
  • Content Development - The Opening Takeaway
  • Content Development - The Teach
  • Content Development - Where-How-Now!
  • Content Development - That's a Wrap
  • Tribute to My Mentor

Module 2: The Customer

Customers have become consumers of information socially shared. They make engagement decisions; no longer buying decisions! 

  • Customer Buying Cycle - Aware
  • Customer Buying Cycle - Aware Takeaway
  • Customer Buying Cycle - Research
  • Customer Buying Cycle - Research Takeaway
  • Customer Buying Cycle - Validate
  • Customer Buying Cycle - Validate Takeaway
  • Customer Buy Cycle - Buy
  • Customer Buy Cycle - Buy Takeaway

Module 3: The Reach

Reaching and teaching human behaviour, the key to community-based engagement.

  • Hello Reach n Teach Model
  • How to Reach n Teach 1-2-1
  • Adapting the Reach n Teach model to a 1-2-1
  • Reach n Teach 1-2-Many
  • How to Reach n Teach A Pitch
  • How to Reach n Teach A Pitch Takeaway
  • How to Reach n Teach To 1-2-General
  • Reach n Teach Modality Marketing
  •  "Steve, I Don't Have The Video Stuff"
  • What the Heck Is Marque Vision
  • Marquee Vision Takeaway

Module 4: The Scheduler

Scheduling against your market demands and consumer expectations.

  • What is a (M)arketing (G)overnance (S)scheduler
  • What is a Marketing Governance Scheduler Takeaway
  • The Critical 4 Elements of an MGS
  • The Critical 4 Elements of an MGS Take Away
  • The Quarterly MGS Takeaway
  • The MGS Wrap and Close