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Personal Coaching Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan 1: Mentality Mastery

  • (L1) The Origins of your Expertise
  • (L2) From Stuff to Big Picture Mapping
  • (L3) Storyboarding Your Life
  • (L4) Capturing Your Expertise
  • (L5) Building a Storyboard

Assessment and Graduation

Lesson Plan 2: Content Mastery

  • (L1) 4-Critical Modes of Learning
  • (L2) From Matter to Meaning to Learn Modes
  • (L3) Your Story Audience and Message
  • (L4)  Organising Your Key Learnings
  • (L5) The Exit to Entry Framework

Assessment and Graduation

Lesson Plan 3: Confidence Mastery

  • (L1) Be the Confidence They Admire
  • (L2) The Speaker Mastery System
  • (L3) Unlocking the Psychology of when People Meet
  • (L4) Language Techniques and Agreement Frames
  • (L5) Managing Disruptive Stress

Assessment and Graduation 

Lesson Plan 4: Engagement Mastery

  • (L1) the Six Engagement Mandates
  • (L2)  Introducing the A.S.S.U.R.E. model
  • (L3) Story Boarding Yoru Progress
  • (L4) Creating Dialogue with Them Phrases
  • (L5) Seven Keys to Compelling Content

Assessment and Graduation

Lesson Plan 5: Fearless Mastery

  • (L1) how to Be Fearless Like a Baby
  • (L2) Burning the Boats
  • (L3) The Ultimate Four Energies
  • (L4)  Identifying your Expertise
  • (L5)  Being Up, Being Forward and Chasing Down Dreams

Assessment and Graduation

Lesson Plan 6: Impactful Mastery

  • (L1) Building Story Frames
  • (L2) Intimate Story Telling Techniques
  • (L3) Using Movement in Communicating
  • (L4) The Six Engagement Mandates
  • (L5)  Creating Agreement Frames with Words and Langauge

Assessment and Graduation

Lesson Plan 6: Presentation Mastery

  • (L1) The S.I.G.H.T. to Draw Formula
  • (L2)  The Competency Presentation system
  • (L3) A Speakers two Greatest Amplifiers
  • (L4)  The Elite 5-Step Networking Process
  • (L5)  The 4 Critical Modes of Learning

Assessment and Graduation