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Millennials on working with Steve


"Steve rocks your world, I know because he has rocked mine. When you talk to him, he opens up a whole world of unlimited possibilities. Work with him and brace yourself. It's quite a ride."

Wouter Looten - Holland
Founder, Story Engineers

"Working with Steve is very challenging. He uses his whole life's wisdom and applies it to encourage me. I discovered a focus point for me, we set goals, action plans and strategies to work towards. "

Rebecca Nguyen - Australia

"Working with Steve is a journey. It's like a mirror. He touched into places in me I did not see, he opens talents and abilities in me and my story, I did not even know existed."

Aldo Grech - Switzerland

"I'm an awarded coach and strategist, so I'm confident in what I know. Yet, on a whiteboard, in 2 hours, he made a breakdown of my life and business in a way I have never experienced before. 2 hours that changed my life."

David Clare - Australia
Leader, Speaker, Author

"Most would think of us as virtual assistants. Steve thinks of us as his peers. He treats us like he treats CEOs. To Steve, we are the CEOs of his life. He calls us his Guardians, we call ourselves De Sede Angels."

Jane, Jill, Lou, Michelle
The De Sede Angels

"Steve's one of those unique guys that just speaks non-stop wisdom. On my radio show, he could have gone for hours. He shares and teaches what it is to be human and serves endlessly from that place."

Steve Wohlenhaus - USA
CEO - Speaker - Author

Global CEOs on working with Steve


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