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Complete Lesson Plan

Welcome Watch First

No intro, (of course welcome) straight into the lessons! 

  • (L1) Simply Visually This

An overview of the philosophy you can use to create simplicity in all visual imagery of your brand

  • (L2) Bits / Bites / Buffets

How these 3 strategies help create meaningful visuals: video - quotes - images

  • (L3) The Power Of Primes

Mapping the human brain's ability to recall numbers..."primes"'ll notice it everywhere after watching this

  • (L4) 7-Second Cuts

How to refresh attention span in videos / images / image quotes

  • (L5) Global Brand Partners

How 1 piece of visual content can become a global brand asset. Here's how.


Module 1: The Function & Elements of Video

How to create video is easy. How to be powerful and comfortable in the key elements is what most miss.

  • (L6) Looks Like This

Where to stand, view paths, how to use simple gestures to help

  • (L7) Project The Lot

Mobile audience, doing something else, easily distracted. You better project the lot!

  • (L8) Always On Set

The biggest compliment I wish for you is simple, "you're just like your videos". Be always on's how.


Module 2: The Engagement: Creating The Video Elements

The 5-step process of creating a video / podcast / presentation script

  • (L9) Intention's The Foundation

Any visual content is simply a tool for what's the video / images / brochures intent -- yet so many ignore it. 

  • (L10) Calling Into Action

Every intent is followed by a required action -- in a script, it needs to follow also

  • (L11) Theme Into Three

The power of primes, a video with 1-2-3 simple messages leading to 1 intent

  • (L12) Themed Bullets 1-2-3

Rambling scripts & overloaded visual images confuse. Aim for 3 bullets for visual clarity.

  •  (L13) In / Out / Cut

Lets wrap all this up. Intent, Action, Themes, Bullets all placed between a relatable in and out. It's powerful!

Module 3: Bonuses - The Psychology Of The Elements

What's behind all of this intent and action. The "human" side of visual content creation.

  • (L14) What is a G.U.E.S.T. (no longer customers)

Invite me to your home, I am a Guest. Into your business, I am a client! Why?

  • (L15) 5 Must-have Rules (Use Them Or You'll Lose Today)

In today's social age consumer marketplace, these are the 5 people demands today.

  • (L16) Masterful Engagement Mandates (Powerful People Influencers)

How we learn, what motivates us to learn, how we speak. Master these, master consumer behaviour.

  • (L17) Dignity: Engagements Glue (From Influence To Authority)

6 personal demands we all have at a human level. Create visual content with these in mind. Elite brands do.

  • (L18) Content Creation Masterclass (Create Education & Emotion-Based Content)

In this overview video, I take a home builder's story and turn his customer's comments into content.



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