Visual Simplicity

This is an introductory video course preparing you:

  • Customers are now Consumers of infomation before they make buying decisions
  • People, those very Consumers are visual by nature. It's why social media is moving more and more to video and visual presentations
  • Visual marketing is critical, online or offline...visualising your message is now a critical business - must do. 


Here is what you get:

  • Welcome & 2 Modules, 13-lesson course
  • 60-second lessons with one 2 minute lesson
  • Bonus Content Masterclass: 5 Tutorial Style Lessons

Course: Introduction:

  • Watch First Introduction
  • Simply Visually This
  • Bits / Bites / Buffets
  • The Power of Primes
  • 7-Second Cuts
  • Global Brand Partners

Module 1: The Function

  • Looks Like This
  • Project The Lot
  • Always on Set

Module 2: The Engagement

  • Intentions the Foundation
  • Calling into Action
  • Theme into Three
  • Themed Bullets 1-2-3
  • In / Out / Cut

Module 3: The Bonuses

  • What is a G.U.E.S.T. (no longer customers)
  • Five Must-Have Rules (use them or you'll lose today)
  • Masterful Engagement Mandates (powerful people influencers)
  • Dignity: Engagements Glue (from influence to authority)
  • Content Creation Master Class (create education and emotion-based content)

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