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1. Human Performance Strategies

Curiosity, Confidence, Courage and Constancy are the hallmarks of what Stephen has learnt and now displays with everyone.

Andre Alphonso

(Chairman, Forum India - Delhi)

(Managing Director, Ariel Group - Sydney)

“When I first met Steve, he could obviously see things in me, that I could not see, and that intrigued me. He's helped me reach a potential I didn't see in myself.”

2. Speaker | Coach

Stephen provides a canvas to not share your message but to express, what he calls, your "Personal Humanity", the signature of what defines you."

Aldo Grech

(Chairman, Air Data - Geneva | Sydney)

"Without saying much, Steve unlatches something in me that gives me permission to go even deeper into who I am which allows me to speak from that place."

3. Business Strategies

Stephen helps dissolve the line between your business life and personal life. It creates a place of deep authenticity and character.

Mursali Juma

(Commercial Property Manager - Melbourne)

“Stephen has changed my perspective not only in the way I think about business, but about the business of my life.”

4. Mentor 

People who meet him, in whatever situation, come away with a sense of enhanced confidence, focus and perspective.

Liz Jarvis

(The Profits Geek - Sydney)

"Steve, that brief chat we had last year changed my life!”

5. Influencer

Stephen’s key focus on those he works with goes beyond coaching, mentoring or confidence. Personal influence by way of example

Dr Richard Kelly (MD)

(Emergency Physician - Austin)

“Stephen has a real talent and ability to assess people and help them get to the heart of things that may be holding them back.”

6. Digital Content Strategies

Developing multiple forms of content through video-audio-book is a key strength. Everyone can share with someone.

Charles Fairlie

(Founder & CEO, Purpose Publishing - Sydney)

“Thanks for taking the potential of my prestigious book project turning it into multiple spheres of content that have not only added to the credibility of the book, but added to everyone featured in the book.”

7. Behavioural Marketing Strategies

Stephen’s clients love that he takes the concepts of their traditional sales and marketing approaches, converting and aligning them to the social age consumer market strategies.

Jonathan Brusey

(Business Advisor | Executive Coach, Brusey Advisory - London)

“Stephen’s on the cutting edge of the digital economy, understanding the connection between businesses to customers using smart, social-enabled devices.”

8. Personal Development

Stephen’s personal mantra of uplifting and impacting those that he meets. It’s a simple everyday companion he takes and shares everywhere.

Wouter Looten

(Founder, Storey Engineers - Amsterdam | Florence)

“Steve’s one of the most courageous guys I have ever met…and when you talk to him, he opens you up to endless possibilities.”

9. Brand Storytelling

Stephen’s ability is to connect and uncover the essences of that drives you.

Ryan Dewar

(Civil Structural Engineer - London)

“Stephen, has a really cool job packaging up and helping to inspire people to tell their story.”

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