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Brilliance Kick Starter

This is an Introductory Course, with three (3) hand-selected class from inside the De Sede Brilliance Academy.


STORY FRAMES: Systemised storytelling

Advanced techniques on how to tell emotive, factual, embracing stories.

  • I have been called "a master storyteller". This is how I do it.

Story Frames: under 3 minutes video / assessment / timecodes / guide sheet


EXIT -2- ENTRY: Systemised messaging

Wanting to create scripts, courses, models, programs, leadership guides, instructions, flows for your kids? This is the framework for you.

  • I have been called one of the "best trainers on LinkedIn". This is how I do it.

Exit-2-Entry: under 3 minutes video / timecodes / guide sheet / mapping sheet


CONTENT DESIGN: Systemised content creation

We post daily, 3-5 times a day, using upward of 19 differing content formats.

Short & long videos, video quotes, image quotes, podcasts, vid pods, articles +++.

This is the guide, complete with articles describing 15 of the 19 formats we use.

  • I have been called a "prolific content producer". This is how I do it.

Content Design: under 3 minutes video / timecodes / guide sheet / 2 x guide articles


"I want everyone to be able to enter #desedeland."

"I've placed three classes inside a course for $19.97, just for you."
"Welcome, your Brilliance is my passion."

Pre-Ignite Your Brilliance with Stephen

expert - assuring - stories

Selected by Stephen

3 Selected Lessons, 1 class.

- Ignite your Expertise (it's not what you think)

Assure people (engage people first,  never sell)

- Story Framing (storytelling is the new copywriting)

Video lessons, guides, and a storytelling assessment tool

class list as above

$ 19.97 / one-off


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