Gary Vaynerchuck: Brandminds Keynote - Singapore Nov 2017



A 2&1/2 hour keynote:

  1. summarised in 40 seconds with a
  2. FULL list of 40+ key points
  3. clickable time codes for each highlight

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Gary Vaynerchuk:

Brand Minds Keynote - Singapore Nov 2017

As seen on (Daily Vee #337)


KEYNOTE - Timecode Highlights

- trade on ATTENTION

click here: 00:02:00 - Advice for EVERYONE (b-2-b; b-2-c; entrepreneurs)


- PRACTITIONER - execute not consume

click here 00:04:34 - The number one asset for EVERYONE today


- crafting the OPPORTUNITY

click here 00:05:40 - The top variables for EVERYONE today


- the ability to stay RELEVANT

click here 00:6:50 - Gary Vee’s top 12 PILLARS


- INFLUENCER Marketing

click here 00:09:09 - the evolution of


- Products and VISIBILITY

click here 00:11:12 - the most powerful overlooked advice 


- Mass...

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Passionate Powerful Filming Making "My How To"

"How do you make your videos Steve?" I often get asked. "What do you use, what equipment, editing, all of it?" 

So, in this mini-masterclass I summarise EVERYTHING I used into 9 modules and cover them all.

  • Apps I use
  • Tutorials I learn from
  • Graphics
  • Sound
  • Mics
  • Stabilisers
  • Editing

Absolutely everything.

Enjoy and get your message out there.


In this De Sede Influences Series, I share EVERYTHING I use to make my videos.

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Your Conception was not Your Choice

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2017

So why so many of us now Choose what we will do with the gift that still is our conception.


In this De Sede INFLUENCER, I share what I woke up to this particular morning.

Powerful, meaningful and shared for you to remind yourself that choosing to doubt the magnificence that is You, is not only, well, kinda stupid...and yes I, maybe like, have been really stupid doing this...

...but what right do we have to doubt our very existence, our million to one shot that we are here!

Wow! Go Be Brilliant, just like you were conceived to be!

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People Buy Outcomes from People: Scale That!

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2017

People are people, right.

People buy from people, right.

No one wants to be sold to, but everyone wants to buy!

So why do ALL businesses and entrepreneurs spend so much time FOCUSED on the tools, techniques, and endless tips on "how to do business."



How to do people, what they seek from you, what they need you to help them achieve.

What OUTCOME can you help them get.

THAT's it.


People - Outcomes - long as you're focus is on that!

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How To A.S.S.U.R.E. your Next Customer you can help them



Authors, Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Networkers: How do you package up your story and expertise in today's in demand personal branding space?

Video Transcript

Hi, welcome back! I want to take our journey of how we story whether it’s your story that you’ve chosen as the type of material, eBook or PDF or whatever the content is.

How are you going to package your mastery and create your Authority through Authorship, and we have said in the opening video is it through your story as an eBook.

Is it through a fictional story as an eBook or is it through some Reach and Teach material that you put in to an eBook kind of manual or guide that is in an eBook format or PDF.

A lot of what I’m telling you right now is applicable to any content that you create, but we are focusing in on Authority through Authorship in the Amazon to Audio model. Many of you may be going, "Steve just tell me how to tell my story", and that’s not what I’m trying to do at...

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Sitting in on a Content Production Workshop

Uncategorized May 25, 2017


Part 1 - Generating Content

How to Build a Professional Branding Platform


Everyone knows the need to create content today.

Every CEO, business owner, entrepreneur as well as ALL OF US, as customers and consumers have heard about the need for:

- great content
- in video
- in podcast
- in blogs
- in books

The only thing that is increasing at a similar rate is the need to have:

 - your why
- your story
- the narrative that makes up the character of your business

Your Personal and Professional Brand.

We are also increasingly hearing, Humans buy and engage with other humans.

So the burning question now is how effectively you develop and create content of this style? This is rapidly becoming the single biggest determining factor in your business success.

Trying to "drive traffic" without an understanding of this has long since past critical.

In this workshop with Charles Fairlie of Unsung Business Heroes and Toby Marshall of Lead Creation (thanks for...

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#2 De Sede Takeouts - Creating Elite Customer Experiences


In this De Sede Take Out Session, I share three top tips shared with Heather who I met recently in Sydney.


In this De Sede Takeout Session, I share three top tips shared with Heather, who I met recently at a breakfast event in Sydney.

No time to Watch?

Here is the podcast from the video.

Heather is a dynamic former woman Entrepreneur of the Year winner.

She asked about how to connect and re-engage her marketplace.

Which was kind of strange, that given her talent, she is flooded with business, but has not been using the power of referrals to further enhance her already flourishing business.

As always, there are THREE Takeouts, so here are the Video time codes of Heather's three takeouts:

00:57 - How to Create a Customer EXPERIENCE (like the elite brands)

CLICK HERE for the GUEST experience

01:47 - Understanding the 3 styles of LEADERSHIP you must display

CLICK HERE for the Leadership STYLES

02:38 - The Four Modes the next person you meet operates in, and...

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#1 De Sede Takeouts: Let's Talk EQ/IQ, Sharing instead of Searching


In this De Sede Take Out Session, I share three top tips shared with Robert who I met recently in Sydney. Robs a web app and mobile developer but has the unique skills of both IQ and EQ. We chatted and I shared these three take outs with Rob.


Here's the podcast from the video.


00:30 EQ vs IQ - The most powerful formula for today


02:07 - Share NOT Search Online Today - WHY?

For Share not Search CLICK HERE:

02:27 - Feature vs Benefits vs Core Selling - which and why NOW!

For Core Selling  CLICK HERE:

Robert I made this video and podcast inspired by meeting you, shared with you and also with everyone.

Be well and Be Brilliant Rob and everyone.


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World Class Brands Create GUEST Experiences.

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2017

Invite people home and they're your Guest. Invite them to your Business and they are a Customer. Why the difference?

I'm in Sydney Australia but recently on a flying visit through Perth on the West Coast I was talking about and filming my course Visual Simplicity.

In the middle of filming, we stopped and I shot this 3 minute video about:  


And to be clear, it's not for what they call their clients or customers, but their GUESTs!


Too busy to watch, listen here whilst on the go here:

Street Session: Transcript (plus extra)


Video Timecodes: (where the important bits)

00:10 The two mistakes business makes in customer categories

00:18 Why creating a Community, Globally or locally is critical

00:23 What is the number one driver for your business?

00:33 Name association, the two biggest mistakes in business today

00:45 The best example ever: getting on an Airline

01:17 How to build an elite...

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Building Global Brand Partners - Street Sessions #10

Street Sessions #10 - How to Build Global Brand Partners

In the latest De Sede Street Session, we are in Sydney Australia talking about:

Building Global Brand Partnerships.

How do you create a partnership with the biggest and fastest growing brands in the world?

Why would you want to?

Why is it so important today?

Developing partnerships with Youtube, iTunes, Google and Amazon, sharing those partnerships via social media.


Too busy to watch, listen here whilst on the go here:

Street Session: Transcript (plus extra)

Today's consumer wants to know:

  • about who you are
  • how you can help them
  • who else knows about you
  • how you can add value to them
  • It is only then, will they consider buying into you, not buying from you.

In addition, today's consumer, yes, that includes you and me, watch more videos; listen to more audio and share more information online than ever before.

So, it's not just a good idea, but is CRITICAL  that you learn how to partner with Youtube, Google,...

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